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You are planning an evening of fun for your guests and would like to have an act which
reaches out and really touches and involves the crowd?
This show is designed to do just that.
The artistic goal of this show is to juggle three knives/torches, whilst balancing on a slackrope,
spinning a ball on the head,and make people laugh as much as possible.
The slackrope is held up using 8 or 10 audience members,(depending on how much time
they have spent behind the desk and not in the fitness studio!)and one more person is needed
to give Andy the torches/knives in the crucial moment. 
To increase the fun, volunteer names could be pre chosen by the organiser.
An advantage of this show is also that Andy Snatch can (and even prefers to) play in front of the stage,
performing from the top of a step ladder in order to increase the intimacy with the audience.
This also makes it possible to set up a band or prepare the stage for another act behind the curtain,
at the same time as providing entertainment.  
This act also creates an atmosphere of this space being occupied by the audience,
which is good when a dance band will follow.

//Technical Rider
Duration: 20mins
Performance Area: 4m x 10m  
Roof Height: 4m
Sound: music mp3 + microphone head set

Salsa picante

This choreography is a combination of modern and classic club
juggling set to a mixture of modern and classic music – electronic salsa!
Andrew Parkin gracefully weaves the clubs around himself to this
fast paced music creating high tension and stealing
the breath of his audience.
Starting with one club it builds to a five club crescendo
dropping back down to end with three in a style the audience
can follow, and giving the number an interesting new shape.
This hot blooded routine shows off a lot of the juggling
techniques which Andrew has studied since 1994,
and is a guaranteed hit with any audience.
This number is designed for varieté or gala events,
and is performed with the name Andrew Parkin.

//Technical Rider
Duration: 5mins
Music: Electronic Salsa /CD
Stage Set Up Time: 30seconds
Stage Size: 4m x 4m x 4m (height)
Light Requirements: 2 blue lights behind from down to up and
a warm light setting from the front

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