Andy Snatch Profile

Andrew Parkin alias Andy Snatch
A charismatic personality with a big sense of humour and a sharp
eye to seize the moment. Being British he is able to laugh at life,
people, situations, animals, and most importantly…himself!
Since 1994 he has been training himself in the art of juggling,
combining classic and contemporary styles to express himself,
and has reached a truly impressive level, making him one of
Europe’s best comedy Jugglers.
In his Shows which can last from 5 minutes to 45 minutes,
he invites us to check out  how he manipulates balls, clubs,
devilsticks, juggles hot and sharp objects, plays with the
audience attention, and performs precarious balance acts
to round things up.
All this is impressive enough but combine it with his spontaneous wit,
and his charming clownish character, you get shows to rock any event.
Andy  has performed in many countries in and outside of Europe and
speaks German, Spanish, and a little French.
He is currently based in Berlin.

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