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Part 1 //Cirque du Soleil
Andy Snatch has obviously been greatly motivated/disturbed by Cirque du Soleil and specifically
by one of their great jugglers.
Determined to prove to the world that he too is capable of such heights of artistic choreography and
juggling precision, he brings us his own 7 ball number. An absurd choreography leaves the crowds ribs aching.
Will he achieve the seemingly impossible? Oh yes!
But not before the tension is high enough.

Part 2 //Ball head
What do you get if you add one spinning ball, two ping-pong balls, a stick, a head
scarf and one big idiot together?
A very funny image, a happy laughing audience, and an extremely pleased kid.
Children love Andy... especially when they think there’s something in it for them,
and in this case there is, a mystery prize!

Part 3 //DIY Slack rope kit
There’s no reason why this should fail!
4 poles, 1 rope, 3 fire torches, a little help and a lot of belief, that’s all you need.
Unfortunately the help seems incompetent, and as for belief, Andy seems to be alone in the opinion that this will work.
More and more people join in the act until finally with the help of 9 volunteers Andy Snatch walks this precarious
rope and juggles fire at the same time, winning the applause of all present.

Imbalance is 45 minutes of side splitting fun!

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