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Check this out

Part1 //What is juggling?
Proudly presenting his absurd originality,
Andy Snatch uses balls to show us the more
unusual and surprising side of the art of juggling.

Part2 //Danger!
No more funny little games! The balls return in the box
and out come the flames.
Few people are as skilled as Andy is with a burning devil stick,
and the audience hardly have time to breath,
as it furiously spins in all directions, flying high into the air
and threatening the welfare of all.
Of course everything is under control and
the only pain we will feel, comes from our funny bones.

Part3 //Are you really there?
Andy Snatch is fed up with being the centre of this
show so its time to test everyone’s attention.
Being playful with the audience is one of the things
people love about Andy’s shows.

Part4 //Beautiful trolley!
Andy Snatch is strangely in love with his trolley.
Maybe it is for all the help over the years
carrying suitcases and sound equipment,
which is why Andy chooses to include it in his finale.
Standing on a ladder, Andy balances his Trolley
on his chin and to the crowd’s amazement
blindly juggles 3 clubs at the same time!
Being the clown he is he needs the help of a
lovely lady from the audience to make this number as
theatrical as possible and to keep the tears of laughter rolling.
Check this out. 45 minutes to forget about life and just laugh.

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